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Eva Daniels wins ETU Next Generation Challenge

Congratulations to Eva Daniels for winning the Next Generation Challenge, an initiative started by European Coaches and supported by the ETU. Results are available on www.europe.triathlon.org


Updates 2020 FLTRI Race Calendar

Please be aware of the following updates to the 2020 FLTRI Race Calendar:


Triathlon Grevenmacher: 17.05.2020

Triathlon Echternach: 04-05.07.2020

Triathlon XTERRA: 08-09.08.2020 

Ironman 70.3 Grande Region 11.10.2020

Duathlon Junglinster: 18.10.2020



Results ITU WC Mooloolaba / Australia

Bob Haller, Gregor Payet, and Stefan Zachaeus participated in the ITU World Cup at Mooloolaba in Australia on March 14. The competition was a sprint distance race at an excellent level overall. Gregor Payet finished in 31st position, Bob Haller in 21st position, and Stefan Zachaeus in 13th position. Please check here for the results: 



Olivier Godart wins Age Group at IM New Zealand

Olivier Godart had a great start into the season as he won his Age Group (M45-49) at IM New Zealand at Taupo/NZL on March 07. He finished in 8h41m41s (33min faster than the second athlete of his Age Group) which puts him in14th position overall and 2nd Age Grouper overall (1.300 athletes overall). Great performance in difficult conditions especially during the bike part. Very well done, keep the momentum! The official results are available here: https://www.sportsplits.com/races/IMNZ-2020/events/1/gender/Male

im nz

im nz2imnz2


Results of the Cross Duathlon Championship

The Cross Duathlon Championship took place in Bieles on Sunday 26. Congratulations to our new Champions!


1. Sandra Lieners

2. Carmen Coljon

3. Anne Bucciarelli-Vincent


1. Laurent Reichling

2. Yannick Lieners

3. Pol Flesch

Congratulations also to all young athletes who finished the race! Click here for all results: Championnat_Cross-Duathlon_CAB_2020.pdf



Podium Men

Podium Women


Results of the FLTRI Aquathlon

Results of the FLTRI Aquathlon which took place at D'Coque Luxembourg on January 19.

Jeanne Lehair wins the women's race while Katharina Möller and Hannah Stegmaier finish in 2nd and 3rd position, respectively. Eva Daniels finishes in 10th position and Mara Krombach in 12th position.

Results of the Luxemburgish Championship:

1. Eva Daniels (Trilux)

2. Mara Krombach (TriSpeed Mamer)

3. Gwen Nothum (TriSpeed Mamer)

Arnaud Des Boscs wins for the 2nd time (after 2019) the men's competition. Runners up are Jan Diener and Titouan Bernot.

Results of the  Luxemburgish Championship:

1. Luca Cambrésy (Trilux)

2. Aurelien Carré (TriSpeed Mamer)

3. David Lang (TriSpeed Mamer)

Click here for all results: 



Pictures: https://www.picdrop.com/aquathlon2020/Aquathlon+2020

Please note: You can download the pictures in medium resolution for free. Therefore, we would kindly ask you to use the copyright "© Sophie Margue / Luxembourg Triathlon" for any publication. 

The pictures will be available until 19/02/2020.



Aquathlon Podium Female


Aquathlon Podium Herren







Aquathlon 19.01.2020: Athlete's Guide


Please find attached the Athlete's Guide for the Aquathlon on 19.01.2020


Ironman World Championship Hawaii

Great results of FLTRI athletes at the Ironman World Championship in Kona on Oct 12: Haitske Overbeek finished in 10h56m17s. Oli Godart finished in 3rd position of his age group (M40-44) in 9h00m24s. Dany Papi finished in 10h04m22s, and Thierry Dondlinger finished in 10h12m17s. Great job, well done!

Click here for all results: https://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/athlete-tracker.aspx?race=worldchampionship&y=2019#/tracker/RAEFPBU9,RC9GLZT5,R7X89CMK,RRYJDCNA


Transfer Period Oct 16-Oct31 2019

The period during which individuals can change the membership of the club affiliated with the FLTRI is from Oct 16 to 31, 2019. The below text contains all relevant details as per Article 14 of the FLTRI rules and regulations:

Les mutations d’un club à un autre peuvent être demandées du 16 au 31 octobre de chaque année et prennent effet au 1er janvier de l’année suivante. Les demandes de mutation doivent être demandées par le licencié lui-même.Elles sont à adresser par ses soins par lettre postale ou e-mail –au membre de la FLTRI par lequel il a obtenu sa licence –au secrétariat de la FLTRI. Le Conseil d’administration se prononce sur les demandes de mutation. Dès lors qu’elles respectent les dispositions formelles qui précèdent, il y donnera une suite favorable. La FLTRI réserve cependant au membre le droit de veto sur base d’une objection motivée.

Please also look at the "Regulations" section (and the subsection "Demande de mutation club") for further reference.


Triathlon Coach C-Licence Training with STU

Our colleagues from the STU (Saarlaendische Triathlon Union) currently offer a C-Level Training (in German). Dates and further details can be found here:



Top results at IM Hamburg and IM Zurich

Several FLTRI athletes showed good performances and achieved excellent results at IM Hamburg (27.7.) and IM Zurich (21.7.). Anja Dziadek finished the race in Hamburg in 10h34m44s which brought her the 3rd position in her Age Group. Dany Papi finished in 2nd position in his Age Group (M40-44) and qualified for Kona 2020 (final time: 9h17m12s). Fabien Kieffer finished in 9h39m18s (position 15 in Age Group M30-34), and Thierry Dondlinger in 10h30m48s (position 45 in Age Group M40-44). Results are available here:


Claude Lucas finished the IM Switzerland in Zurich on July 21 in 3rd position of his Age Group (M30-34) in 9h09m35s. This means he has also qualified for Kona 2020. Click here to get all results from the IM Switzerland: https://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/emea/ironman/switzerland/results.aspx#axzz5vRrpfF1O



Congratulations to all athletes! Very well done!! Here are some pictures of the athletes.




Challenge Roth and ETU Duathlon Championships

Chris Doyle won his Age Group (M55-59) at the ETU Duathlon Championships in Targu Mures / Romania on July 3. Excellent result!!

Alain Kieffer finished the Challenge Roth long distance race in 9h11m42s which puts him in 3rd position of his Age Group (M50-54). Very well done!

Congratulations to both athletes for this great performance! 


Middle Distance Championships at IM 70.3 Region Moselle

Sophie Margue defended her title as female champion of the Middle Distance Championship at IM 70.3 Région Moselle. Anja Diadzek followed in 2nd position while Daniele Flammang finished in 3rd position.

Claude Lucas won the title of the Men's competition, followed by Dany Papi and Christian Weyland.

Congratulations to everyone!! Click here to get all results:http://eu.ironman.com/de-de/triathlon/events/emea/ironman-70-3/luxembourg/results-1.aspx?rd=20190616#axzz5t7z3lYyJ

IM 70.3m

IM 70.3f



Duathlon Championships in Junglinster

The Luxemburgish Duathlon Championships took place in Junglinster on May 05. Runa Egilsdottir won the women's race followed by Anja Diadzek and Paule Kremer/Sonny Eschette. Gregor Payet won the men's race while Jerome Ewen finished in 2nd and Yannick Lieners finished in 3rd position. Links to the official results will follow.




Jerome Ewen at Powerman Alsdorf

Powerhouse Jerome Ewen finished in 3rd position of his age group at the Powerman Alsdorf duathlon on April 14. Great result in freezing conditions, well done!! Click here for the results: https://www.trialogevent.de/results/?id=140&k=2&f=AK&v=AK3 


Results of several recent WTS / Continental Cup events

Continental Cup Gold Coast / Australia

Oli Gorges and Gregor Payet participated in the sprint competition of the Continental Cup at Gold Coast / Australia on April 07. While Gregor was able to continue after an accident and even finish in 16th position (gaining a few valuable points for the ITU ranking) Oli had to abandon after a mass accident during the bike part. Luckily nothing's broken and we keep fingers crossed that all goes well for the next race in Down Under in two weeks. Click here for the results: https://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2019_gold_coast_otu_sprint_triathlon_oceania_cup/336766


World Cup New Plymouth / New Zealand

Bob Haller, Oli Gorges, Gregor Payet and Stefan Zachaeus participated in the World Cup at New Plymouth / New Zealand on March 31. Stefan finished in an excellent 10th position, Bob Haller in 25th position and Oli Gorges in 52nd position. Unfortunately, Gregor Payet hat to abandon the race during the running part. Click here for the results: https://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2019_new_plymouth_itu_triathlon_world_cup/336479 


World Cup Moolooloba / Australia

Stefan Zachaeus, Bob Haller and Oli Gorges participated in the World Cup at Moolooloba / Australia on March 15. Stefan finished in 13th position and Bob Haller in 25th. However, Oli Gorges could not finish the race. Click here for all results: https://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2019_mooloolaba_itu_triathlon_world_cup/335275


Cross-Duathlon Championship results

Excellent sports at today's Cross-Duathlon Championship organised by our friends from CAB! Carmen Coljon wins the women's race while Pia Wiltgen finishes in 2nd an Martine Licker in 3rd position. Christopher Bernard wins the men's race followed by Jérome Ewen and Claude Lucas. Congratulations to the winners and to all participants! 

Cab W

ab m


Jerome Ewen at Powerman Mallorca

Jerome Ewen (Team Snooze) showed a great performance at the Powerman Mallorca. He won his age group (M30-34) and finished in 7th position overall. Very well done! Click here for the results:







Oli Godart wins IM 70.3 in Colombo!

Oli Godart has done it again! Today he defended his title as the overall winner of the IM 70.3 in Colombo/Sri Lanka. Excellent result, and well deserved congratulations to him! Click here for the result:



Neuer Duathlon in Junglinster am 05.05.2019

DUATHLON – Am 5. Mai - Neue Impulse in Junglinster?


Ist der Duathlon in Luxemburg nicht mehr attraktiv? Immerhin sind in den vergangenen Jahren gleich drei Traditionsveranstaltungen aus dem Kalender verschwunden. Die Ausgabe von 2016 des Powerman in Hosingen (10 km Laufen, 60 km Radfahren, 10 km Laufen) war zugleich die letzte, in Mamer machte man nach 20 Jahren 2017 Schluss und auch die Veranstaltung in Ehleringen sucht man für diese Saison vergeblich im Programm der FLTri. Immerhin organisiert der CA Beles weiterhin seinen Crossduathlon am 3. März auf dem Galgenberg. Ob die neue Veranstaltung am 5. Mai in Junglinster, die von der Vereinigung Jambo und vom Verein X3M Mersch organisiert wird, die Sportart hierzulande relancieren kann, wird sich zeigen. Immerhin haben die Initiatoren Jhemp Ernzen und Pascal Duhautpas in Zusammenarbeit mit der Gemeindeverwaltung in Junglinster die Vorbereitungen bereits so weit voran getrieben, dass aller Voraussicht nach ein gut organisiertes und spektakuläres Sportfest ansteht. Dreh- und Angelpunkt ist der Dorfkern von Junglinster, der Radparcours weist etliche Steigungen auf. pg




Results World Cup at Cape Town / South Africa

On February 10 the big start of the 2019 season event took place at Cape Town / South Africa. 4 FLTRI athletes participated in the competition. Bob Haller finished in 13th position, Stefan Zachaeus in 14th, Gregor Payet in 34th, and Oliver Gorges in 54th position which is an encouraging result! The race was close as many of the competing athletes were on a similar level of performance. Click here to get all results:

Results: Elite Men | 2019 Discovery Triathlon World Cup Cape Town | Triathlon.org


Eva Daniels 3rd in Vittel

Eva Daniels showed another great performance at the Aquathlon in Vittel/France last weekend. She finished in 3rd position. Lou Van Den Bossche also proved that he is in good shape and qualified for the semi final in a high-profile competition. The picture below shows the podium of the female competition. Please click below for the results: https://www.chronorace.be/Classements/ListeRapports.aspx?lng=NL&hash=HAeHLIzglNmQozUONga135dFtFs&eventId=1193038835680741


Eva @ Vittel


Oli Godart wins Age Group at IM 70.3 South Africa

Olivier Godart won his age group (M40-44) at the IM 70.3 South Africa which took place on Januray 27 in very windy conditions. He finished in 13th position overall. Great job, and encouraging news before Olivier's next race in Colombo at the end of February.

Click here for all results:  http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/emea/ironman-70.3/south-africa/results.aspx#axzz5e6sF64dj


Aquathlon: first impressions and results

The 2019 Aquathlon has come to an end. Here are some first impressions of the day. Congratulations to Eva Daniels and Arnaud Des Boscs, the female and male winners of our main races, and to the many children and youth athletes who made this day a success!

Click here to take a look at the results: http://www.chronorace.be/Classements/ListeRapports.aspx?eventId=1188533415001768


Stefan Zachaeus wins Continental Cup at Dakar

Stefan Zachaeus won the sprint distance race at the Continental Cup at Dakar/Senegal on December 09. Oliver Gorges finished in 8th position. Congratulations to both, very well done Gentlement! Click here for all results: https://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2018_dakar_atu_sprint_triathlon_african_cup/321905



Continental Cup Dakhla: Stefan Zachaeus and Oli Gorges

Excellent result for Stefan Zachaeus and Oliver Gorges at the sprint distance race of the Continental Cup at Dakhla/Morocco on Dec 2. Stefan finishes in 2nd position and Oliver in 11th position. Well done!! Click here for results:https://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2018_dakhla_atu_sprint_triathlon_african_cup/321893




Liste des Mutations 2018

Below is the overview of those individuals who changed their clubs / licence and will be with new clubs next year:



IM World Championship Hawaii with several FLTRI athletes

Chris Doyle, Christian Weyland and Eric Wagner participated in the Ironman World Championship in Kona/Hawaii last weekend. Chris finished in 10h32m27s which places him in in 23rd position of his age group (M55-59) and in 1.088th position overall (2.306 starters). Christian Weyland finished in 10h46m08s which means he ranks in 203rd position of his age group (M40-44) and in 1.215th position overall. Eric Wagner finished as fastest FLTRI amateur ever in a stunning time of 8h56m13s which earns him the 16th position of his age group (M30-34) and 90th position overall! A huge applause to all athletes for this superb performance!

Click here for details on the results: 



Eva Daniels in 4th position at Youth Olympic Games

Eva Daniels has shown a superb performance on Oct 07 at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires as she finished in 4th position. Congratulations!! Very proud of you!

Click here for the results:


Below is the press release of the COSL of 08.10.2018:





Transfer Period Oct 16-31 2018

The period during which individuals can change the membership of the club affiliated with the FLTRI is from Oct 16 to 31, 2018. The below text contains all relevant details as per Article 14 of the FLTRI rules and regulations:

Les mutations d’un club à un autre peuvent être demandées du 16 au 31 octobre de chaque année
et prennent effet au 1er janvier de l’année suivante. Les demandes de mutation doivent être demandées par le licencié lui-même.Elles sont à adresser par ses soins par lettre postale ou e-mail
–au membre de la FLTRI par lequel il a obtenu sa licence
–au secrétariat de la FLTRI.
Le Conseil d’administration se prononce sur les demandes de mutation. Dès lors qu’elles respectent les dispositions formelles qui précèdent, il y donnera une suite favorable. La FLTRI réserve cependant au membre le droit de veto sur base d’une objection motivée.


IM Emilia Romagna with several FLTRI athletes

Several FLTRI athletes participated in the IM Emilia Romagna on Sept 22 2018. Haitske Overbeek (Hirondelle Schuttrange) won her age group and finished as 11th woman overall (finish time 9h59m58s) which brings her a slot for Kona. Congratulations, excellent job!!

Steve Moog (Hirondelle Schuttrange) finished in 19th position in his age group (total time 9h38m19s), Gabriel Sardain (Team Snooze) finished in 3rd position of his agre group (finish time 10h02m43s), and David Siebenaler (Trilux) finished in 156th position of his agre group (total time 11h53m30s). Well done everyone! Click here for results:http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/athlete-tracker.aspx?race=emiliaromagna&y=2018#axzz5TKeRONyX 


Less than 100 remaining entries for the 2019 Ironman 70.3 Region Moselle


BREAKING NEWS !!!!!! As per Sept 25 there are less than 100 free remaining entries to start at the Ironman 70.3 Region Moselle on June 19, 2019. We expect the race to be sold out in a few days so hurry up if you want to participate in the FLTRI Middle Distance Triathlon Championships 2018 !!

Register here: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/emea/ironman-70.3/luxembourg/register.aspx#axzz5S6an4gUd


ITU Long Distance World Championships-Philippe Lamberty

Philippe Lamberty participated in the Elite category of the ITU Triathlon Long Distance World Championships in Fyn (Denmark) on July 14. He finished in 05h43m03s which puts him in 16th position in a field of 29 athletes. Bravo! Good job!! Click here for results:



2018 Tartu ETU Triathlon Championships 19.-22.07.

The ETU European Triathlon Championships took place in Tartu (Estonia) from 19.-22.07.2018. Joe Kurt started in the category PTS4 and finished in 6th position (12 starters overall). Eva Daniels participated in the category Junior and finished in 14th place (out of 62 starters). Pia Wiltgen finished in 43th position of the women's race. Gregor Payet finished the men's race in 13th position, and Olivier Gorges in 55th position due to a technical issue with his bike. The pictures below were taken by Cyrille Eple. Click here for the results: https://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2018_tartu_etu_triathlon_european_championships


Joe Oli Greg



ETU Youth European Championships Loutraki 30.08.-02.09.

Several FLTRI youth athletes participated in the ETU Youth European Championships at Loutraki (Greece). While the event organisation leaves a lot of room for improvement the FLTRI athletes showed an encourageing performance: Eva Daniels finished the swimming of A Final in 5th position and stopped the race afterwards due to a lack of security measures for the rest of the race. Sophie Hermes finished the B Final in 11th position. Tom Carre finished the semi final in 20th position. Click here for results:  



French Paratriathlon Championship with Joe Kurt

Joe Kurt got another excellent result this season as he finished in 2th position of his category PTS4 at the French Paratriathlon Championship at Gravelines (8th position overall). This is an excellent preparation for the World Championships at Gold Coast/Australia in 2 weeks.




ITU World Cup Karlovy Vary with FLTRI Elite Athletes 02.09.

Oliver Gorges, Bob Haller, Stefan Zachaeus and Gregor Payet participated in the ITU World Cup at Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) on September 02 in order to collect valuable points for the qualification for the next Olympic Summer Games. Gregor finished in 16th position, Stefan in 18th and Bob in 47th position while Oliver was forced to stop during the cycling section as he was taken over by the leading group of cyclists. Overall these results are quite positive given the intense 3-week training session prior to this race. 

Click here for results:



Susanne Gutjahr-IM 70.3 World Championship South Africa

Susanne Gutjahr finished the IM 70.3 World Championship in South Africa on September 01 in 05h33m17s which puts her in 65th position in her age group (position 2.415 out of 3.674 overall). Well done! Click here for results:



Olivier Godart at IM 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship

Olivier Godard won his Age Group at the IM 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship at the Philippines on Aug 05. He finished in 4h09m00s which ranks him in 13th position overall. Congratulations to another strong performance, the road to Kona is well prepared.

Get the results here: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman-70.3/philippines/results.aspx#axzz5QJrxlEIf


Letzeboier Championnat Uniformskontroll bei IRONMAN 70.3 Region Moselle


Fir all Athleten di beim Ironman 70.3 Remich um letzeboier Championat Triathlon Laangdistanz deelhuelen - Uniformskontroll


Leif Athleten,


beim Ironman 70.3 Remich gëtt och den letzeboier Championnat op der Triathlon Mitteldistanz ausgedroen. Falls dir Iech dofir ageschriwwen huet, muss am Virfeld vun der Course Är Uniform nom Uniformsreglement kontrolléiert ginn. Dëst geschitt wéfolgt:


1. Samschdes beim Check-In vun Ärem Bike musst Dir Är Uniform (mat der Dir Sonndes start) matbréngen an Iech bei den zwee zoustännegen letzeboeier Jugen mellen an soen dat Dir um Championnat start. 


2. Dann geet Är Uniform kontrolléiert, et geet eng Foto vun Iech mat Ärer Uniform gemaach an Dir ënnerschreift dat Dir an der Uniformskontroll wäert an se konform ass. 


Et ass wierklech wichteg, dat Dir Samschdes tëschent 14-19 Auer, Är Uniform kontrolléieren loosst, well Sonndes fannen keng Kontrollen vun den Uniformen statt. Wann Dir Iech net an der Uniformskontroll presentéiert huet Samschdes kennt Dir am Championnat leider net gewäert ginn.


Villmools Merci. 



FLTRI Youth Athletes at French Championship

Sophie Hermes, Eva Daniels, Aurélien Carré and Tom Carré participated in the final of the French Triathlon Championship at Vesoul. Sophie could not finish the race of the Cadette category due to a flat tyre -:( Eva showed a great performance and finished 2nd. Aurélien finished in 20th position in the Minimes category while Tom finished in 32rd position in the Cadet category. Very well done!

The picture below was taken by coach Cyrille Eple.Vesoul Final


ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup at Dnipro

Oliver Gorges participated in the ETU sprint race at Dnipro/Ukraine. He finished in 25th position which is a very solid result given his recent reduced triathlon training efforts due to the basic training period with the army. In addition, he received a time penalty of 15 seconds (which is yet to be finally confirmed). Click here for the results:

ITU World Cup at Cagliari

Stefan Zachaeus, Bob Haller and Gregor Payet participated in the sprint distance race of the ITU World Cup at Cagliari on June 02. 

Gregor finished in 19th position, Bob finished in 38th position suffering from a flat tyre. Stefan was disqualified due to a time penalty that was not respected. Results are available here:




Middle Distance Challenge at Samorin/Slovakia

Olivier Godart and Eric Wagner participated in the Middle Distance Championship Challenge 70.3 in Samorin/Slovakia on 03.06. Olivier won his age group, finished as 2nd age grouper overall and in 15th position overall. Eric finished 8th in his age group and 31st age grouper overall. Congratulations to both, and build up on the momentum as there are more challenges down the road.

Click here for all results:




Luxembourg Championship/Age Groupers at IRONMAN 70.3

Below is a statement published by IRONMAN with respect to the Luxemburgish Middle Distance Championship (registration possible until 05.06.):



In addition, this is the text as per the contract between the FLTRI and Ironman:

Startwelle Meisterschaftswertung: In dieser Startwelle starten alle Athleten, welche bei der FLTRI lizensiert sind und für die Verbandsmeisterschaft starten. Diese Athleten werden in der Verbands-Meisterschaftswertung, jedoch nicht in der IRONMAN Altersklassen Wertung gelistet und sind somit nicht für die Vergabe der Slots zur IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship berechtigt. Ausnahme sind solche Athleten, die im Besitz einer WTC Profilizenz sind. Diese starten zusammen mit dem Profifeld.

Teilnehmer der Altersklassen-Meisterschaft starten in der jeweiligen Welle ihrer Altersklasse bzw. inmitten des Rolling Starts. Diese Altersklassen-Athleten sind berechtigt für die Vergabe von Slots zur IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.



ITU Paratriathlon at Eton Dorney 28.05. with Joe Kurt

Joé Kurt (Trispeed) participated in the ITU Paratriathlon at Eton Dorney / England on 28.05. The competition was a sprint distance triathlon. Joé worked his way forward after the swimming and finished in 2nd position. Well done!! 

The picture was taken by Dan Hendriks. Click here for the race results: https://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2018_eton_dorney_itu_paratriathlon_world_cup/322959 

Joe at Eton Dorney


Triathlon Oeiras 27.05. with Bob Haller

Bob Haller won the Triathlon at Oeiras / Portugal on 27.05. This competition was the national Portuguese Sprint Championship with over 130 athletes competing. Bob used this competition as a test prior to the ITU World Cup in Cagliari on June 02.


ITU World Cup at Astana 19.05. with Gregor Payet

 Gregor Payet participated in the sprint distance competition of the WTS Astana on May 19. Due to the bad weather conditions the swimming was reduced to 500m. Gregor finished in 29th position which is an encouraging result also as he gains valuable points for the ITU ranking. Results are available here:

FLTRI Youth Athletes at French Championship on 13.05.

Several young FLTRI athletes participated in the French National Triathlon Championship in Autun on 13.05. Participants in the semi final:

Eva Daniels won the "Cadette" category and is "Championne Grand Est"
Aurelien Carré finishes in 6th position in the "Minimes" category
Sophie Hermes finishes in 9th position andTom Carré in 15th position in the "Cadette" competition

All athletes qualified for the final!

In the open course Noemie Ries won the "Minimes" catgeory and Leo Weishaar finished in 3rd position of the "Benjamin" category.

Congratulations to everyone, well done!



WTS Yokohama 12.05. with Bob Haller and Stefan Zachaeus

Stefan Zachaeus and Bob Haller started in the WTS in Yokohama on 12.05. This was a standard distance race. While Bob was forced to abandon during the run because of sickness, Stefan finished in 46th position overall. Click here for all results:



European Duathlon Championships at Velje

The European Duathlon Championships for the middle distance took place at Velje/Denmark on 06.05. Jérôme Ewen won his age group (M30-34) and Dany Papi finished in 3rd position of his age group (M35-39). Congratulations and keep the momentum!

Click here to get the results:



ITU World Cup at Chengdu 05./06.05.

Stefan Zachaeus and Gregor Payet participated in the ITU World Cup in Chengdu/China (sprint distance). Both athletes qualified for the final. Stefan finished in 17th position while Gregor finished in 25th position which allowed both athletes to gain valuable points for the ITU ranking. Results are available here:



Ironman 70.3 Marbella (29.04.) with Susanne Gutjahr

Susanne Gutjahr participated in the Ironman 70.3 at Marbella on 29.04. She finished in 5h56m04s which puts her in 16h position in her age group and 910th position overall. Click here for results: 



Cancellation of Triathlon Grevenmacher 27.05.2018

The committee of the CAEG, organiser of the triathlon event at Grevenmacher on 27.05., has informed the FLTRI that the event has been cancelled. One major reason was the insufficient number of helpers to ensure a smooth course of the event. Athletes who have paid the inscription fee will be reimbursed. For any question please contact the club at info@caeg.lu.


Results National Duathlon Championships in Ehlerange

Here is an overview of the results of the national Duathlon Championships in Ehlerange (29.04.2018):

Ladies Elite LUX

 1.Isabelle Klein (Trilux), Championne nationale
 2.Danièle Flammang (Trispeed)
 3.Lis Thillmann (Trilux)

Overall winner of the race: Haitske Overbeek (Hirondelle) - Championne fédérale

Men Elite LUX

 1.Jérôme Ewen (Team Snooze), Champion national
 2.Yannick Lieners (CAB)
 3.Dany Papi (CAB)

Overall winner of the race: François Reding

Click here for all results: Results_Duathlon_Championships_Ehlerange_2018.pdf


Ironman South Africa with 3 FLTRI athletes

Philippe Lamberty, Chris Doyle and Olivier Godart have participated in the Ironman South Africa on April 15. Philippe finished in 10h11m19s (144th position), Chris in 10h15m17s (156 position), and Olivier in 8h54m04 (16th position, 3rd age grouper overall, 1st in his agre group).

Good job guys!

Click here for all results: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/athlete-tracker.aspx?race=southafrica&y=2018#/tracker


Bob Haller at Continental Cup in Quarteira

Bob Haller participated in the Continental Cup in Quarteira / Portugal on March 24. This was a standard distance race in difficult conditions. Bob finished in 10th place which an encouraging result. Well done! Click here for the results:



FLTRI signs partnership with Nissan by LENTZ

The FLTRI has signed a partnership with Nissan by LENTZ. The partnership includes the leasing of two minibuses i.e. model NV 300. The handover of the keys took place at Nissan by LENTZ in Alzingen on March 30.

Copyright picture: Murielle Ginieres

Partnership Nissan by LENTZ - FLTRI


Luxembourg Let's Make It Happen-FLTRI signs partnership

The FLTRI is proud to have signed on March 09, 2018 the partnership with the "Luxembourg - Let's Make It Happen" movement which embraces the values of our country: openness, dynamism, reliability. The partnership was signed with Francince Closener, Secretary of State (see picture below).

You can find more details on the movement here: http://www.inspiringluxembourg.public.lu/en/partenariats/index.html


Lets make it happen


Bob Haller at WTS Abu Dhabi

Encouraging performance by Bob Haller at the WTS in Abu Dhabi on 03.03.2018 as he finished in 24th position. Well done! Click here for all results:



Olivier Godart wins Ironman 70.3 in Colombo

Powerhouse Olivier Godart continues his excellent start into the season. He won the Ironman 70.3 in Colombo/Sri Lanka (age group race) on 25.02.2018. Congratulations, and keep the momentum!

Click here for the results: https://www.multisportaustralia.com.au/m3/race?c=1&r=6362


Olivier Godart wins TriYAS in Abu Dhabi

Olivier Godart is off to a great start into the season. On Friday 16.02. he won the Olympic Elite category of the TriYAS race in Abu Dhabi (for the third time). He finished in 1h52m13s. Congratulations, excellent work! Click here for results: http://www.racetecresults.com/Results.aspx?CId=16410&RId=313&EId=12


Powerman Spain with Dany Papi

Dany Papi finished the Powerman Spain in Mallorca on Saturday February 17 in 19th position overall while he won his age group (M35). The race format was a duathlon (10k run / 60k cycling / 10k run). An excellent start into the new season, well done!

Click here for results: https://www.elitechip.net/index.php?zwshow=compdet&idcomp=6105168&compsec=clas 

Powerman Mallorca


Talent Day on Saturday Feb 24!

Pour des raisons logistiques, nous organiserons le Talent day samedi 24
février. Nous sommes désolés de prévenir si tardivement mais les
disponibilités des infrastructures nous oblige de choisir cette date.
Vous trouverez dans le document ci joint toutes les informations concernant
l'organisation de cette journée.
Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à contacter les entraineurs:

Pour des raisons d'organisation (réservation des repas), merci d'inscrire
vos enfants pour le mercredi 21 février 18h dernier délais.

En espérant vous voir nombreux samedi malgré cette annonce tardive !

*Catégories concernées:*

Kids A et B (2007/2010)

Youth C (2005/2006)

Youth B (2003/2004)

Youth A (2001/2002)

Junior (2000/1999)



General Assembly of the FLTRI on 09.03.18 at Sportlycée (host: Team Snooze)


The next general assembly of the FLTRI takes place on Friday March 09 at INS. Start time will be 7pm. This will be hosted by Team Snooze. the room will be indicated at the Sportlycée (INS premises). Looking forward to seeing all invitees!


Oli Godart wins Age Group at Dubai Ironman 70.3

Olivier Godart has had a great start into the new season. At the Ironman 70.3 in Dubai last Friday, he won his age group (M40-44) in 4h01m07s and finished in 19th position overall. Alistair Brownlee (UK) was the overall winner.

Excellent performance, Oli, well done!




Swim training at d'Coque with Teamatlet

Our national squad athletes took advantage of the opportunity and did a swim training together with Teamatlet who came to Luxembourg for a training camp. This is a group of triathletes with, among other, Adrien Briffod from Switzerland, winner of the WC in Cagliari 2017. The swim training took place at the Coque last Saturday.

swim training




Results from Indoor Aquathlon

The 6th edition of the EES FLTRI Auqathlon took place at the Coque on January 21. Over 150 athletes across all categories participated in the event.

The women's competition was won by Eva Skaza (Slovenia). Katharina Möller from Germany finished in 2nd and Hannah Chauveheid (Belgium) finished in 3rd position. Luxembourg's Eva Daniels (4th position) and Pia Wiltgen (10th position) also showed a good performance. 

Gregor Payet (Luxembourg) won the men's competition. Arnaud Desbosc (France) and Maurice Ehinlanwo (Germany) finished in 2nd and 3rd position, respectively. Yannick Lieners (Luxembourg) finished in 9th position which is a fine result after his long injury period.


Copyright for all pictures below: Sophie Margue.

Click here for all results:




New FLTRI Facebook page: Luxembourg Triathlon

FYI. The FLTRI has set up a new site on facebook called "Luxembourg Triathlon"




Swearing-in ceremony of Luxemburgish Army for Stefan

Please see below a picture of Stefan Zachäus' swearing-in ceremony with the Luxemburgish Army.

swearing in Stefan


Regroupement par la Federation Francaise de Triathlon

Du 8 au 12 décembre 2017, Joe KURT et Dan HENDRIKS ont participé à un regroupement organisé par la Fédération Française de Triathlon à l'INSEP. Ce regroupement combinait "Détection Paratriathlon " et "Formation pour entraîneurs Paratriathlon"
Au programme :
- Rencontre et partage avec les membres de l'équipe de France Paratriathlon.
- Tests en natation, vélo et course à pied pour Joé qui confirme sa forme du moment et améliore ses chronos en natation.
- Apports théoriques sur la réglementation et classification spécifique au paratriathlon, aspects médicaux, entraînement et encadrement paratriathlon pour Dan.
jo et dan

Gregor Payet and Gregory Baustert at ATU Triathlon Dakhla

Gregor Payet and Gregory Baustert participated in the ATU Sprint Triathlon African Cup in Dakhla (Morocco) on December 02. Gregor who currently starts under ITU flag won the competition which gained him valuable points for the ITU ranking and for the world cup start lists of the WTS in 2018. Gregory finished in 20th position and gained his first experience in an international competition at this level. Click here for results: https://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_dakhla_atu_sprint_triathlon_african_cup/309555

Podium Dakhla



FLTRI 2018 Training Program levels Kids - B - C

Please find below an overview of the 2018 training program for levels Kids - B - C. If you are interested in participating please send an email to our coach Cyrille at fltri.eple@gmail.com.



Olivier Godart at Ironman Bahrain

Another strong performance in 2017 by Olivier Godart: he was best age grouper overall and finished in 16th position (not counting teams) at the Ironman Bahrain on 25.11. Good job!!

Click here for results:




Limited availability of FLTRI Office 27.11.-01.12.

FYI. Due to renovation works in the Maison de Sports the FLTRI Office can only be reached by email (secretariat@fltri.lu) in the week of November 27.


Ironman Malaysia - Christian Weyland & Pascal Duhautpas

The X3M athletes Christian Weyland and Pascal Duhautpas have participated in the Ironman Malaysia in Langkawi on November 11. Christian has won his age group (M35-39) in 9h49m28s and gained a spot for Hawaii in 2018. Well done and congratulations! Pascal finished in 19th position in his age group (M45-49) in 11h41m02s but was handicapped by stomach camps. Good job of finishing the race!Click here for results: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman/malaysia/results.aspx#axzz4ya5lQ8T7

Photos copyright: P. Duhautpas

IM Malaysia



World Cup Tongyeong - Oli Gorges

Oliver Gorges participated in his first World Cup race in Tongyeong in South Corea on Saturday October 28. He finished the sprint distance race in 48th position which is an encouraging result.
Click here for all results:
Oli Gorges

2017 National Championship Results

The results of the 2017 National Championships are now online and are availble here:




Asian Cup Hongkong - Oli Gorges

 Oliver Gorges participated in the Elite race of the Asian Cup competition in Hongkong on Oct 21. He finished the sprint distance race in 19th position. Click here for results: https://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_hong_kong_astc_sprint_triathlon_asian_cup/312196 


Susanne Gutjahr at Iberman in Portugal

Susanne Gutjahr participated in the half distance at the Iberman in Portugal where she won her age group category and finished 3r woman overall. Congratulations!

Susanne at Iberman



Ironman World Championship Hawaii

Several athletes from Luxembourg participated in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii on Oct 14. Here is an overview of the results:

Oliver Godart: 59th position overall and 6th in his agre group (M 40-44) in 9h11m08s

Steve Moog: 543rd overall and 82nd in his age group (M 40-44) in 10h16m36s

Dany Papi: 674th overall and 143rd in his age group (M 35-39) in 10h29m10s

Thierry Dondlinger: 858th overall and 149th in his age group (M 40-44) in 10h46m54s

Haitske Overbeek: 903rd overall and 16th in her age group (F 40-44) in 10h49m47s

Christian Weyland: 1092th overall and 175th in his age group (M 35-39) in 11h07m03a

Tania Hoffmann: 1417th overall and 55th in her age group F 40-44 in 11h47m08s


Congratulations to everyone - good work and well done!!



Red Rock Challenge Cross Duathlon

On Saturday Oct 14 the Red Rock Challenge Cross Duathlon took place. In the women's competition Nolween Houot (France) was the winner followed by Nathalie Lamborelle (Luxembourg) and Gwenzaelle Houot (France).

Arnaud Taurelle (France) won the men's competition, followed by Mathieu Louis (Belgium) and Jerome Ewen (Luxembourg, Team Snooze). Click here for results: http://redrockchallenge-luxemburg.r.mikatiming.de/2017/?pid=search

RRC womenRRC Men


African Cup Le Morne-Bob Haller/Oli Gorges

Bob Haller and Oliver Gorges participated in the African Cup at Le Morne on October 8. As Oliver finished 3rd and gained his first podium spot in an international Elite course, and Bob finished 4th, both collected valuable points for the ITU ranking. Well done! Click here for results:





Exceptional General Assembly FLTRI: status modifications, increase in fees and welcome to "Velo Club Hirondelle Schuttrange"



Key agenda items of the extraordinary general assembly of the FLTRI of 25.09.2017:

  • Various modifications with respect to status and rules were discussed and agreed between all participants. The FLTRI has to update the respective documents and will share these with all clubs for final validation
  • It was agreed to increase the athlete's licence fee by 10 EUR for athletes that are member of a club and to increase the fee of individual licences (athletes are not a member of a club) to 250 EUR
  • It was decided unanimously that the Velo Club Hirondelle Schuttrange is affiliated to the FLTRI. The club already exists since 1931 and has more than 100 active members. Among other things the club is known for its Mountainbike-School for kids. Get more information at www.hirondelle.lu. Welcome to the FLTRI!!

Funchal ETU European Cup - Bob Haller/Oli Gorges

Bob Haller and Oliver Gorges participated in the Elite race of the Sprint Triathlon European Cup in Funchal/Portugal on 23.09. Bob finished in 8th position and Oliver in 19th position. Click here for results:
Resultater fannt Dir hei: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_funchal_etu_sprint_triathlon_european_cup/314937

Ironman Emilia Romagna - Gabriel Sardain / Eric Wagner

Gabriel Sardain (CAEG) and Eric Wagner participated in the Ironman Emilia Romagna on 23.09. In his first Ironman Gabriel finished in 4th position in his age group (310 position overall). Eric finished as best amateur athlete (12th position overall) and qualified for the 2018 World Championships in Kona! Excellent results and congratulations to both! Click here for results:



FLTRI Triathlon Awards 25.11.2017

This year the triathlon awards will be held on November 25th, please refer to the below invitation for all details.

FLTRI Awards 2017 & 7ème édition de la "Soirée athlètes"

Please return the Coupon réponse in case you want to participate.


Paul Milz passed away

The sad news that Paul Milz has passed away have reached us. Paul has been the head referee of the RTV for many years and the FLTRI collaborated with him on seminars and trainings of new referees. As a member of CAB, and later TriSpeed, he has been referee at many national races as well. Our deepest condolences to his family. Our thoughts are with you. Rest In Peace, Paul.

Paul Milz


WTS Stockholm - Bob Haller / Stefan Zachaeus

Bob Haller and Stefan Zachaeus have participated in the WTS in Stockholm on Aug 26. Stefan finished in 26th position and Bob in 33rd position. Click here for results: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_itu_world_triathlon_stockholm/309373


Ironman 70.3 Zell am See - Tania Hoffmann

Tania Hoffmann participated in the Ironman 70.3 in Zell am See on Aug 27. She finished 13th in her age group.


Age group swimming trainings start again

For information: the swimming trainings for the age groupers start again at 6pm on Tuesday Sept 19 at the Geesseknaepchen Campus!


Long Distance World Championships - Philippe Lamberty

Philippe Lamberty participated in the Long Distance World Championships in Penticton / Canada on Aug 27. He finished in an excellent 14th position. Congratulations!

Click here for results: https://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=45825



Joe Kurt 2nd in French Paratriathlon Championship

Joe Kurt (Trispeed) finished in 2nd position in the French Paratriathlon Championship in Gravelines on Sept 3. Congratulations, good job!



IM 70.3 Vichy with several athletes

Several athletes participated in the IM 70.3 in Vichy on Aug 27. Susanne Gutjahr (Trilux) finished 5th in her age group and 50th woman overall. Christian Weyland (X3M) finished 17th in his age group and 122th overall while Tom Krier (Trispeed) finished 22nd in his age group and 50th position overall. Claude Lucas (X3M) finished in 33th position overall in a time that qualifies him for FLTRI cadre C. Well done to all athletes!

Click here for results: http://ironman-results.r.mikatiming.de/2017/vichy/


Ironman 70.3 in Bintan - Olivier Godart finishes 4th

Olivier Godart participated in the Ironman 70.3 in Bintan/Singapore on Aug 20. He finished in 4th position overall as best amateur with a new race record for amateurs, and he won his age group. Excellent hob!

Click here for results:http://bluechipresults.com.au/Results.aspx?CId=11&RId=1057


Junior European Cup Lausanne

Oliver and Christophe participated in the Junior European Cup in Lausanne on 19.08. Oliver finished in 16th position and Christophe in 66th.



Joe Kurt wins Paratriathlon in La Gileppe

Joé Kurt has won the Paratriathlon in La Gileppe / Belgium on 13.08. The race was a sprint distance competition (750m swim, 20k cycling, 5k run). Congratulations!

Click here for results: http://www.chronorace.be/classements/Classement.aspx?eventId=1189809020259281&mode=large&IdClassement=15823


Communication of results to the press

Dear Athletes,

In order to further improve the communication about your results to the press we propose a new approach as of 17.08.2017. If you want that the FLTRI informs the press of the results you have obtained in competitions abroad we would like you to do the following:

  • By Thursay 21h before the weekend of the race you participate in, you send an email to presse@fltri.lu with the following details:
    • Where does the competition take place
    • Format of the competition
    • Website of the competition
  • By Sunday 19h of the race weekend, you send an email to presse@fltri.lu with the result. The deadline of 19h is important to us as our press release has to go out at that moment. If your result has not been communicated by 19h it will not be part of the press release.

This targets in particular those athletes outside of the Elite category who want the FLTRI to inform the press of their results. However, the FLTRI cannot guarantee that all results will actually be published by the press.

If you have any questions be welcome to contact us by email at "presse@fltri.lu".

Thank you very much for your collaboration, and good luck for your future competitions!

Philipp Müller / Press Officer FLTRI



Paule Kremer swims the Channel

Historical performance by Paule Kremer (Trilux, and member of the board of administration of the FLTRI). On Tuesday August 8 she crossed the Channel in 13h54m as first person ever from Luxembourg! Great achievement and very well done!!

Paule crosses the Channel


Ironman Maastricht with several FLTRI athletes

Several FLTRI licensed athletes participated in the Ironman Maastricht on August 6. Steve Moog (Trispeed Mamer) finished in 38th position overall (9h38m) and Thierry Dondlinger in 40th position overall (9h40m). Both are qualififed for the Ironman Hawaii. Congratulations!

Click here to get the results details: http://ironman-results.r.mikatiming.de/2017/maastricht/?pid=start


Ironman 70.3 in Gdynia - Christian Weyland

Christian Weyland (X3M) participated in the Ironman 70.3 in Gdynia / Poland last weekend. He finished 4th in his age group (37th position overall) and qualified for the World Championships in South Africa 2018. Congratulations!

Click here for results:http://wyniki.datasport.pl/results2257/


Bob Haller 7th in Military World Championships

Bob Haller participated in the Triathlon Military World Championships in Warendorf / Germany on August 5. The race was an Olympic distance competition. In a field of 74 athletes he finished in 7th position. Bravo!!

Copyright picture below: Viviane Sloniewicz.

Military WM


Ironman 70.3 Otepaa - Susanne Gutjahr

Susanne Gutjahr (Trilux) participated in the Ironman 70.3 in Otepaa / Estonia on August 5. She finished 2nd in her agre group and qualified for the 70.3 World Championships in South Africa next year. Well done and congratulations!

Go here for the results:



Challenge Prague - Olivier Godart

OIivier Godart competed in the middle distance race of the Challenge in Prague on July 29. He won his age group and finished in 10th position overall despite windy conditions. Good job! Check here for results:



WTS Edmonton - Bob Haller

Bob Haller participated in the WTS Sprint competition in Edmonton on July 29. He finished in 40th position in a field of 50 participants.

Click here for the results:


Edmonton Bob




Cross Duathlon European Championship with Jerome Ewen

Jerome Ewen has participated in the Elite Men competition of the Cross Duathlon European Championship in Targu Mures (Romania) on July 28. The distances covered were 6.2k running, 20k cycling, and 3.1k running. Jerome finished in 14th position in a field of 28 particpants. Well done!

Click here for the results: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_targu_mures_etu_cross_duathlon_european_championships/309305

Cross Duathlon


3rd edition of the Rosport Triathlon

The Rosport Triathlon took place on Sunday July 23. The competition included a 1,8k swim, 45k cycling, and a 8k run. The three winners of the women's race are:

    1. Haitske Overbeek (Trispeed)
    2. Isabelle Klein (Trilux)
    3. Annette Jaffke (CAEG)

The winners of the men's race are:

    1. Philippe Lamberty (CA Bieles)
    2. Steve Moog (Trispeed)
    3. Francois Reding (Belgium)

Please click here for all results including the kids and youth races:




Great result from Stefan Zachäus, who finished 5th. He missed the podium by 1 second only and finished 21 seconds behind the winner. Congratulations to this performance! More details here: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_tiszaujvaros_itu_triathlon_world_cup/317992



ITU World Triathlon Series Hamburg - Stefan Zachaeus

Stefan participated in the WTS in Hamburg last weekend. Stefan finished in 32nd position in a field with strong competitors. Click here for results:



ETU Triathlon Youth European Championships

The ETU Triathlon Youth European Championships took place in Panevezys / Lithuania from July 13 to July 16. Luxembourg was represented by Sophie Hermes, Eva Daniels, Christophe Logelin, Luca Kraemer, and Tom Carré.

The semi-finals were on Thursday July 13. Sophie Hermes finished her semi-final in 23rd position and could not qualify for the final. This was also the case for Christophe Logelin (23rd position in the semi-final), Luca Kraemer (26th) and Tom Carré (also 26th). Eva Daniels qualified for the Final A as she finished in 7th position. In the final she finished the race in 18th position which means she is qualified for the Youth World Championships in Rotterdam in September. Good job!

Eva, Christophe, Sophie and Tom also participated in the mixed Team Relay and finished in 17th position among 24 teams. Congratulations to all FLTRI athletes!! Below is a picture of the team with their coach, Cyrille Eple.

Youth Lithuania


ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup in Tartu

Pia Wiltgen and Bob Haller participated in the Sprint Triathlon European Cup in Tartu / Estonia on July 9. Pia finished the Elite Women competition in 24th position and Bob finished the Elite Men race in 11th position. Click here for results:http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_tartu_etu_sprint_triathlon_european_cup 


Paratriathlon World Cup Iseo

Joé Kurt (Trispeed) participated in the Paratriathlon World Cup in Iseo / Italy and finished in 5th position. Great performance! Click here for results:



Ironman 70.3 Jonkoping

Several FLTRI athletes started in the Ironman 70.3 competition in Jönköping/Sweden. Philippe Lamberty finished in 9th position overall, Tom Krier finished in 14th position overall and Claude Lucas in 29th position overall (3rd in his age group). Excellent results!

Congratulations to Claude who has qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in South Africa!

Click here for all result details:



Ironman European Championship Frankfurt

Susanne Gutjahr (Trilux) has participated in the Ironman Frankfurt on July 9. Susanne finished the race in 12h06m which puts her 132nd position overall (17th in her agre group).


Challenge Roth

Here is a brief overview of the FLTRI athletes who participated in the Challenge Roth (Germany) on Sunday July 9:

Sonny Eschette (Trispeed) finished the Women's race in 90th position (12th in her age group) in 11h33m

Eric Wagner finished in 23th position overall (3rd in his age group) in a total time of 8h46m

Alain Kieffer finished in 92th position (2nd in his age group) in 9h24m

Steve Carré (Trispeed) finished in 212th position (12th in his age group) in 9h50m

Werner Oberweis finished in 274th position (10th in his age group) in 9h57m

Santi Calderon finished in 392th position (85th in his age group) in 10h15m

Alex Weishaar finished in 526th position (1145th in his age group) in 10h29m

Willy Morisseau (Trispeed) finished in 699th position (159th in his age group) in 10h44m

In addition, Ivana Kuriackova (swim), Isabelle Klein (bike) and Lis Thillmann (run) participated in the team relay as "Trilux Ladies" team and finished in 6th position. Congratulations to all athletes! Please click here for the results



Age group swimming trainings on hold due to summer break

For information: the age group swimming trainings on Tuesday evenings do not take place anymore at present due to summer holidays. We will let you know the date when they start again.


Echternach Triathlon: Bob Haller wins -Tom Krier 3rd

Bob Haller (X3M, photo copyright: Philipp Müller) has won the Olympic Distance race of the 33rd International Triathlon in Echternach/Luxembourg yesterday. He took the top position from the start together with the German Yannic Stollknern (runner-up), and took the lead during the running section. Tom Krier (Trispeed) finished in 3rd position. Well done!

Results can be found here: https://www.chiplauf.de/de/events/triathlon-echternach-samedi/results?d=596

Bob Haller Echternach



Ironman Austria - Dany Papi qualified for Hawaii

Dany Papi (CAB) finished the Ironman Austria on July 2 in 45th position overall (10th in his age group) in 9h15min (copyright photo: Corinne Kraus). This means he is qualified for he Ironman World Championship 2017 in Hawaii. Great news and congratulations!

Click here for results: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/athlete-tracker.aspx?race=austria&y=2017#axzz4lma9aO5Y

Ironman Austria


ETU Sprint Triathlon Holten/Netherlands-Stefan Zachaeus

Stefan Zachäus obtained a good result in the ETU Sprint Triathlon Premium European Cup in Holten on July 1 as he finished in 15th position (copyright photo: Facebook Triathlon Holten). Click here for results: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2016_holten_etu_premium_sprint_triathlon_european_cup



European Triathlon Championships Sprint Distance

Stefan Zachäus started in the Elite competition of the European sprint distance Championships in Düsseldorf on June 24. In a group of 50 participants he finished in 24th position.

The age group race took place the day after the Elite race. Pia Wiltgen participated in her age group and finished in 3rd position (photo of podium below with Pia on the right side). Excellent result and congratulations!

Details on results: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_duesseldorf_etu_sprint_triathlon_european_championships/309197

Pia EM Düsseldorf


Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg - National Championship

Result of the national middle distance Triathlon Championship:

Women's competition:

1. Sophie Margue (CAEG)

2. Danièle Flammang (Trispeed Mamer)

3. Nathalie Lamborelle (individual licence)

Men's competition:

1. Philippe Lamberty (CAB)

2. Christian Krombach (Trispeed Mamer)

3. Tom Krier (Trispeed Mamer)


In addition, Dany Papi who participated in the age group category, finished in and qualified for a slot at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA on September 10. Well done!

Click here for results: 


Women podium

Men podium





Olivier Godart wins the Ironman 70.3 in Durban

Olivier Godast has won the age-group only race in Durban/South Africa on June 18. He finished the race in 4h08m40s with a lead of almost 12 minutes. Excellent performance, congratulations!

Click here for the results: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/athlete-tracker.aspx?race=durban70.3&y=2017#axzz4kR3oSA4W



European Championship Kitzbuehel

Last weekend the European Triathlon Championships took place in Kitzbuehel / Austria.

 Bob Haller represented Luxembourg in the Men's Elite race. Bob caught a bacterial infection just the day before but was given green light to start. He finished the race in 26th position.

Oliver Gorges started in the male Junior category. After an excellent swim he fell during the cycling race and injured his and could not finish the race consequently. Hopefully he can recover fast!

Eva Daniels started in the female Junior category. There were a lot of accidents during the cycling part but Eva was not impacted. She finished in 34th position.

Joé Kurt started in the sprint distance of the Paratriathlon (category PTS4). After a good race he finished in 6th position. Well done!

Below are pictures of all athletes. For the results please click here: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_kitzbuehel_etu_triathlon_european_championships








Start list for the National Middle Distance Triathlon Championship at the Ironman 70.3. Luxembourg next weekend


XTERRA Belgium - Isabelle Klein

Isabelle Klein (Trilux) has participated in the XTERRA Cross Duathlon in Namur last weekend. She finished in 4th position. Excellent performance!

Click here for details on the race: http://www.xterraplanet.com/2017/06/ruzafa-erbenova-win-xterra-belgium/ 


Anja Diadzek wins Triathlon in Verdun

Anja Dziadek (TriSpeed) has won the women's competition in Verdun on 11/06 - excellent news!!

Click here for all results: http://www.verdunmeusetriathlon.fr 

Anja Verdun


Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil - Alain Kieffer

Alain Kieffer (CAB) participated in the Ironman 70.3 Switzerland in Rapperswil and finished in 3rd position of his age group (106 position overall). Bravo and well done!

Click here for results:




Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau-Stefan Zachaeus & Santos Calderon

Stefan Zachaeus finished in 4th position at the first competition of the German Bundesliga at Kraichgau Triathlon. Congratulations!

Santos Calderon (individual licence) finished in 26th position of his age group (M40-44).

Update 16.06.:

In addition to Stefan and Santos, other FLTRI athletes also participated in the competition: Susanne Gutjahr, Tania Hoffmann, Romain Mousel, Darko Narandzic, Kevin Dauphin, Pascal Piech. 

Results are available here (bundesliga.de for Stefan, ironman site for the others):





ITU Paratriathlon World Cup in Besancon-Joe Kurt

Joe Kurt finished in 3rd position in the ITU Paratriathlon World Cup in Besancon last weekend (category PTS4). Congratulations!

Click here for results:





Young FLTRI athletes at French Triathlon Championship

4 FLTRI athletes have participated in the French Triathlon Championship last weekend.

Eva Daniels finished in 9th position in the category "cadettes".

Sophie Hermes finished in 34rd position. She was disqualified after the race because she did not respect a 5-second time penalty.

Tom Carré finished in 72nd position in his first race after having broken his collarbone.

Oliver Gorges finished in 2nd position in the Junior category (sprint distance). See the picture below.

Congratulations and well done to all athletes (2nd picture below: all athletes and coach Cyrille Eple)

Results are available here: http://chronospheres.fr/evenements/detail/Triathlon-du-Tricastin-2017-88

Oli Gorges podium 03.06.2017team


Challenge Samorin - Eric Wagner

Eric Wagner participated in the challenge in Samorin/Slovakia last Saturday. He finished in 49th position overall (600 participants) and 4th of his age group. Well done!

Click here for results: https://kpzresults.sportsoft.cz/en/race/results/2214?rid=2472


ITU World Cup in Cagliari - Stefan and Bob

Bob Haller and Stefan Zachaeus took part in the sprint competition of the ITU World Cup in Cagliari on June 4. Stefan finished in 12th position and Bob finished in 28th position.

Click here for the results:



Madrid ITU World Cup - Stefan Zachaeus

Stefan finished the race in Madrid in 28th position after a good performance.

You can find the results here:



European Aquathlon Championships - Ivana Kuriackova

Ivana Kuriackova (CA Bieles) participated in the European Aquathlon Championships in Bratislava. She finished the U23 competition in 11th position.

Click here for all results:



Ironman Lanzarote - Haitske Overbeek and Steve Moog

Haitske Overbeek finished the women's competition of the Ironman Lanzarote on 20.05.2017 in 24th position and 2nd in her age group. This means that she is qualified for the Ironman Hawaii - excellent news and congratulations!!

Steve Moog participated in the men's competition and finished on 210th position overall and 169th in his age group.

Click here for the results:




National Triathlon Sprint Distance Championship

Federal Champion Elite Men
Stefan Zachäus...

National Championship Elite Men
1. Gregor Payet
2. Tom Krier
3. Philippe Lamberty

Federal Champion Elite Women
Svenja Thös

National Championship Elite Women
1. Pia Wiltgen
2. Anja Dziadek
3. Nathalie Lamborelle

Oberall win of the race
Eva Daniëls & Stefan Zachäus

Click here for results: http://www.caeg.lu/2017/05/21/musel-triathlon-grevenmacher-ergebnisse/



ETU Powerman European Middle Distance Duathlon Championship


Jerome Ewen 16th position

Christopher Doyle (X3M) M50 European Champion
Carlo Feltes (X3M9 M50, 14th position
Susanne Gutjahr F40, 8th position

jerome ewen




Click here for results: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_sankt_wendel_etu_powerman_mid_distance_duathon_european_championships


Pia Wiltgen wins Triathlon in Chalon

FLTRI athlete Pia Wiltgen (CAD) has won the women's competition of the Triathlon in Chalon / France on May 14. In the overall ranking she finished in position 24. Congratulations to this excellent performance!

Click here for results:  http://www.sporkrono.fr/index.php/resultats-eco-triathlon


ITU Yokohama Elite Men: Stefan Zachaeus and Bob Haller

A top-class competition took place in Yokohama / Japan on May 13 at the ITU World Triathlon Series. The conditions were rather difficult as it was raining during the race. Stefan finished in 38th and Bob in 44th position.

Click here to get the results: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_itu_world_triathlon_yokohama/307209




Ironman 70.3 in Majorque

A total of 4 FLTRI athletes participated in the 70.3 Ironman in Majorque on May 13. Here is an overview of the results:

  • Daniele Flammang: 48th position overall in the women's competition and 5h in her age group (45-49 years)
  • Werner Oberweis: 176th position overall and 5th rank in his age group (50-54 years)
  • Sam Peters: 271th position
  • Santos Calderon: 328th position

All results are available here: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/live.aspx#axzz4h5YvupuP



Ironman 70.3 in Aix-en-Provence

The following FLTRI athletes have participated in the Pays d'Aix Triathlon in Aix-en-Provence on May 14:

  • Tom Krier (20th position)
  • Philippe Lamberty (22th position)
  • Christian Weyland (103rd position)
  • Rafael Schneider (235th position)

Click here for all results: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/emea/ironman-70.3/pays-d-aix/results.aspx#axzz4h5YvupuP


FLTRI young Athletes at the Triathlon in Vesoul/France

Several young FLTRI athletes participated in the Triathlon in Vesoul / France at the semifinal of the French Triathlon Championship on May 13. An overview of the results:

  • Category "Cadet": Eva Daniels (Trilux) finished in 4th position and Christophe Logelin (Trispeed) in 9th position
  • Category "Minimes": Sophie Hermes (TriSpeed) finished in 4th position, Luca Krämer (Celtic) finished in 5th and Tom Carré (TriSpeed) in 9th position
  • Category "Benjamin": Aurelien Carré (TriSpeed) finished in 3rd position
  • Category "Juniors": Oliver Gorges (CAB, picture below) finished in 2nd position

Clieck here for results: http://my4.raceresult.com/68492/results?lang=fr#3_B47DF8

Well done to all athletes! These results mean that all athletes are qualified for the final (subject to confirmation by the national commission)!

Oli Gorges 13.5. Vesoul



ITU World Cup Chengdu - Stefan Zachaeus and Bob Haller

Bob Haller qualified for the main final of the competition in Chengdu / China and finished in 23rd position (27m24s). Stefan Zachaeus missed the main final and competed in the secondary final where he finished in 14th position (28m21s).

Click here for the results:


Bob CHangdu_Presse_7.5.17Stefan Chengdu 7.5.17


Challenge Lisbon - Sophie Margue

Sophie Margue finished the Challenge in Lisbon (1,9k swim, 90k cycle, 21,1k run) in the 2nd position of her age group. Excellent performance!

Click here for results:


Sophie Lisbon 7.5.17


Results National Duathlon Championship in Ehlerange

Women Elite National Championship:

1. Pia Wiltgen (CAD)

2. Lis Thillmann (Trilux)

3. Martine Licker (Trispeed)

The race was won by Svenja Thoes (picture below)


Paratriathlon National Championship:

1. Joe Kurt (2nd picture below)


Men Elite National Championship:

1. Jerome Ewen (individual licence, 3rd picture below)

2. Philippe Lamberty (CAB)

3. Tom Krier (Trispeed)

The race was won by Francois Reding.


Svenja Thoes







ITU WTS Gold Coast - Bob Haller

Bob Haller finished the ITU Triathlon at Gold Coast, Queensland / Australia on April 8 in 28th position after a good performance.  He gained valuable WTS championship points in a top class competition with several Olympic contenders.

Click here for results:



Bob Haller GC


FLTRI Office Holidays 12.-25.04.

Please be informed that the FLTRI Office is closed for holidays from 12-25.04. (open again on 26.04.). In urgent cases please contact us by sending an email to: info@fltri.lu


Walliseller Triathlon (Zurich) - Eva Daniels

Eva Daniels finished in a good 9th position at the International Triathlon Walliseller in Zurich this weekend. The picture below shows Eva (left) with French athlete Suzanne Henry (right).

Click here for results:







Ironman South Africa - age groupers

Several FLTRI athletes started in the respective age groups at the Ironman South Africa on April 02. Among these are Tanja Hoffmann, Dany Papi, Thierry Dondlinger, Marc D'Hooge, Steve Carré, and Fabien Kieffer.

Click here for results:



Ironman 70.3 Texas with Tom Krier and Philippe Lamberty

The FLTRI elite cadre athletes participated in the Ironman 70.3 in Galveston / Texas on April 02. Philippe finished in 23rd position and Tom in 29th position.

Click here for results:



French Duathlon Championship with FLTRI participation

Sophie Hermes, Luca Kraemer and Tom Carré started in the Youth competition of the French Duathlon Championships in Bondoufle on April 02. Sophie finished in 33rd position after a good race and Luca also achieved a good result (26). Tom was very unlucky as he broke his collarbone due to a fall during the cycling part.





ETU Triathlon at Quarteira:Oliver Gorges+Stefan Zachaeus

Stefan Zachaeus participated in the standard distance ETU Triathlon at Quarteira / Portugal on April 01. He finished in 33rd position. Oliver Gorges participated in the Junior edition of the same event on April 02. Oliver's bike was damaged during the transport but he was allowed to use Stefan's bike for the competition. He finished in 37th position.

Click here for results:


ETU Quarteira


ITU Triathlon World Cup at New Plymouth - Bob Haller

Bob Haller finished in 21st position at the IT Triathlon World Cup at New Plymouth / New Zealand on April 02.

Click here for the results:


Bob Haller New Plymouth


Training Camp Joe Kurt at Calella / Barcelona

Joe Kurt joined a training camp with the French National Paratriathlon team in Calella / Barcelona in Spain from 25.03.-01.04.2017.


Joe Kurt


FLTRI Talent Day March 25

The FLTRI organised a Talent Day for all kids and young athletes between 10 and 19 years. Over 40 young members from CAEG, X3M, Trispeed, Trilux and CAB joined the event and made it a real success. The program of the day included training sessions for swimming (at the Coque) as well as cycling and running (at the INS). The sessions were taken care of by current  FLTRI squad athletes and by coach trainees under the supervision of the national team coaches Cyrille Eple and Thomas Andreos. An information session on the "Cadre Promotion" and on the Sportlycée took place to conclude the event.

Talent Day group picture





Cancellation FLTRI Cross Duathlon Beckerich (LUX)

cancellation beckerich


FLTRI General Assembly

News from the General Assembly of 24.03.2017: Team Snooze has been accepted as new member of the federation while C.A.Schifflange has quit. Patrick THILL has been re-elected and will stay secretary general while Michael KUNDE, who was coopted in 2016, has been elected as member of the executive board. Michael will continue to update the news on our website. Philipp MÜLLER and Guy BERTEMES have been elected as new members of the board. Philipp will become the new press officer and Guy will take care of the stock and orders of our equipment.


M Kunde

P Müller



Bikefit Stefan Zachaeus

New season, new bike, new motivation! Stefan Zachaeus getting bikefitted by our federation's new partner. The physiotherapist Patrick Guillaume fits our Elite Athletes' bikes to get the maximum out of it. If you also need a bikefit don't forget to show your FLTRI licence for special conditions.


Results National Cross Duathlon Championship

Women Elite

1. Nathalie Lamborelle (Individual Licence)


1. Joe Kurt (Trispeed)

Men Elite

1. Jérome Ewen (Individual Licence)

2. Oliver Paderhuber (CAB)

3. Pierre Tanson (Trispeed)

4. Paul Bentner (Trilux)

5. Philippe Lamberty (CAB)


Youth and Age Group results will follow soon on www.fltri.lu

 Women Elite Winner Nathalie Lamborelle


Joe Kurt Winner Paratriathlon

Men Elite Winners


ITU Triathlon World Cup Mooloolaba / Australia - Bob Haller

Bob Haller participated in the standard distance triathlon in Mooloolaba in preparation for the sprint distance New Plymouth ITU Triathlon World Cup. He could not finish the race due to a flat tyre.

Click here for results:




Changes in the race calendar 2017

We would like to inform you by this that the date of the Museltriathlon in Grevenmacher had to be changed to the 21.05.2017.


Also, M2Events informed us that they will not organize a competition in 2017. Therefore, there will be no Powerman in Hosingen and no Éislek Triathlon this year.


Otherwise, a new race is planned and we will share the details as soon as we have more informations.


ITU WTS Abu Dhabi - Stefan Zachaeus

In the World Triathlon Series season opening event in Abu Dhabi Stefan Zachäus finished in 31st position.

Click here for results

WTS Abu Dhabi March 2017 Stefan Zachäus



Indoor Aquathlon Vittel

Indoor Aquathlon in Vittel on February 26 with participation from FLTRI athletes.

Click here for results:



Nutrition Seminar for Elite Athletes

Great seminar on nutrition by Stéphanie Rosquin for FLTRI Elite athletes!

nutrition seminar FLTRI 16.02.2017