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Race Results - update

An update of the results of the national championships has been posted on December 5th.

Any anomalies can be sent to results@fltri.lu.


Due to the onging pandemic and it's repercussions on many events, please consult our race calendar, that is regularly updated. (Click on the "Competitions" tab above).

National Championships

Please consult our new regulation regarding national championships 

Please note that the former "Elite" category still exists, but has now a different name.

As per the new regulation, we now distinguish between:

  • "Championnat national luxembourgeois/federal" (= ex Elite) which yields the "Champion(ne) nationnal(e) luxembourgeois(e)" and, if applicable, the "champion(ne) nationnal(e) fédérale(e)"
  • "Championnat national groupes d'âge", for each age group
  • "Championnat national Junior"
  • "Championnat national Youth A", "Championnat national Youth B", "Championnat national Youth C"
  • "Championnat national Kids A", "Championnat national Kids B"

Every category of national championship as listed above exists both for girls/women and boys/men.

Aquathlon 2020 - Results